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The Business Admissions Test™ allows you to admit candidate accurately and efficiently. Find out why schools from all over the world are using our test for their business programmes with great success.

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Online admissions for EMBA/MBA programs made easy

In the highly globalised world of today, older admissions methods for EMBA programs are getting increasingly inadequate at ensuring a high-quality, high-diversity admissions. Standardised tests are cumbersome to prepare for, highly favor English-speaking candidates, and do not accurately reflect a candidate’s true skillset.

The Business Admissions Test™ is created to solve these problems and more.

Are you a candidate? Get help with our Official Guide

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Edition: E-book (PDF)

The Business Admissions Test ™ Official Guide allows for review of basic quantitative and verbal concepts, introduction to common problem types, and practice with official Business Admissions Test ™ questions. Written by the creators of the test, it describes the structure of the test as well as the type of questions you will face in each section. The book does not contain any "tricks" for a higher score, but is a useful tool for completing the basic preparation needed for a candidate to do his or her best on the Test.